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Over the past years, the chem(o)informatics field has further evolved and new application areas have opened up, for example, in the broadly defined area of chemical biology. In Chemoinformatics and Computational Chemical Biology, leading investigators bring together a detailed series of reviews and methods including, among others, system-directed approaches using small molecules, the design of target-focused compound libraries, the study of molecular selectivity, and the systematic analysis of target-ligand interactions.

Furthermore, the book delves into similarity methods, machine learning, probabilistic approaches, fragment-based methods, as well as topics that go beyond the current chemoinformatics spectrum, such as knowledge-based modeling of G protein-coupled receptor structures and computational design of siRNA libraries.

As a volume in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology(TM) series, this collection provides detailed descriptions and implementation advice that are exceedingly relevant for basic researchers and practitioners in this highly interdisciplinary research and development area.

Cutting-edge and unambiguous, Chemoinformatics and Computational Chemical Biology serves as an ideal guide for experts and newcomers alike to this vital and dynamic field of study.Spis treści:1. Some Trends in Chem(o)informatics Wendy A.

Warr 2. Molecular Similarity Measures Gerald M. Maggiora and Veerabahu Shanmugasundaram 3. The Ups and Downs of Structure-Activity Landscapes Rajarshi Guha 4. Computational Analysis of Activity and Selectivity Cliffs Lisa Peltason and Jurgen Bajorath 5.

Similarity Searching Using 2D Structural Fingerprints Peter Willett 6. Predicting the Performance of Fingerprint Similarity Searching Martin Vogt and Jurgen Bajorath 7. Bayesian Methods in Virtual Screening and Chemical Biology Andreas Bender 8.

Reduced Graphs and Their Applications in Chemoinformatics Kristian Birchall and Valerie J. Gillet 9. Fragment Descriptors in Structure-Property Modeling and Virtual Screening Alexandre Varnek 10. The Scaffold Tree: An Efficient Navigation in the Scaffold Universe Peter Ertl, Ansgar Schuffenhauer, and Steffen Renner 11.

Pharmacophore-Based Virtual Screening Dragos Horvath 12. De novo Drug Design Markus Hartenfeller and Gisbert Schneider 13. Classification of Chemical Reactions and Chemoinformatics Approaches to Enzymatic Transformations Diogo A.R.S.

Latino and Joao Aires-de-Sousa 14. Informatics Approach to the Rational Design of siRNA Libraries Jerry O. Ebalunode, Charles Jagun, and Weifan Zheng 15. Beyond Rhodopsin: G Protein-Coupled Receptor Structure and Modeling Incorporating the beta2-adrenergic and Adenosine A2A Crystal Structures Andrew J.

Tebben and Dora M. Schnur 16. Methods for Combinatorial and Parallel Library Design Dora M. Schnur, Brett R. Beno, Andrew J. Tebben, and Cullen Cavallaro 17. The Interweaving of Cheminformatics and HTS Anne Kummel and Christian N.

Parker 18. Computational Systems Chemical Biology Tudor I. Oprea, Elebeoba E. May, Andrei Leitao, and Alexander Tropsha 19. Ligand-Based Approaches to In Silico Pharmacology David Vidal, Ricard Garcia-Serna, and Jordi Mestres 20.

Molecular Test Systems for Computational Selectivity Studies and Systematic Analysis of Compound Selectivity Profiles Dagmar Stumpfe, Eugen Lounkine, and Jurgen Bajorath 21. Application of Support Vector Machine-Based Ranking Strategies to Search for Target-Selective Compounds Anne Mai Wassermann, Hanna Geppert, and Jurgen Bajorath 22.

What Do We Know?: Simple Statistical Techniques that Help Anthony Nicholls

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