Professional Communication in Engineering

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This is an inside view of real engineers working in a modern engineering environment. The book describes what aerospace engineers like to write and talk about, describing authentic communication tasks and the texts that result, in particular: engineering specifications and requirements, proposals, and executive summaries.

'...a unique opportunity for students to see the nuts and bolts of how communication really works in organisations that use team working and integrated systems design. A fly-on-the-wall documentary that will resonate with practising engineers and educate those in universities and procurement agencies.

This should be recommended reading for professional studies and PDP-related modules.' - Frank Hamer, Programmes Director (Electronics & Communications), SoCCE, University of PlymouthSpis treści:List of Figures List of Tables Acknowledgements The Engineers Engineering Practices and Procedures The Engineering Product Engineering Texts Engineering Specifications and Requirements The Bid Process and Persuasion The Presentation of Engineering Proposals Engineering Proposals: Discourse and Information Structure Executive Summaries References Index

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