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A BLOOMBERG BEST BOOK OF THE YEARWINNER - SILVER MEDAL, AXIOM BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS 2018FOREWORD żeby NOURIEL ROUBINISuperHubs is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the global financial system and the powerful personal networks through which it is run, at the centre of which sit the Elites - the SuperHubs.Combining an insider's knowledge with principles of network science, Sandra Navidi offers a startling new perspective on how the financial system really operates. SuperHubs reveals what happens at the exclusive, invitation-only platforms - The World Economic Forum in Davos, the meetings of the International Monetary Fund, think-tank gatherings, power lunches, charity events, and private parties. This is the most vivid portrait to date of the global elite: the bank CEOs, fund managers, billionaire financiers and politicians who, through their interlocking relationships and collective influence are transforming the future of our financial system and, for better or worse, shaping our world.

Podtytuł: How the Financial Elite and Their Networks Rule our World
ISBN: 9781473669949
Kod paskowy: 9781473669949
Autorzy: Navidi Sandra
Rok wydania: 2018
Kod wydawcy: 30680
ilość stron: 320
Oprawa: Miękka
Format: 12.8x19.8cm
Głębokość (mm): 22
Waga: 0.234
Języki: angielski
Grupa towarowa: Książka

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