Brother PTP750W

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The PT-P750W is a powerful, yet easy-to-use label maker with plenty of wireless and wired connectivity options. It is easy for multiple users, even on different computers and mobile devices, to create and print virtually any durable, colorful, professional label they can imagine. With a built-in wireless 802.11b/g/n interface, the PT-P750W is the ideal choice for sharing a label printer amongst multiple users. Pre-loaded labeling software lets you plug into nearly any PC or Mac computer via its USB interface and almost immediately begin designing and printing labels, with the convenience of using a monitor and full-sized keyboard. PC and Mac users can also greatly expand the capabilities of the PT-P750W by installing the robust P-touch Editor Label Design Software, which is available as a free download. Create and print labels with ease right from compatible Apple® iOS or Android™ mobile devices using the free Brother iPrint&Label app. The PT-P750W is also NFC compatible, so you can "touch to connect" to quickly establish contact with most NFC-capable devices. Though it's great for individual label printing, the PT-750W is particularly well-suited to multi-label creation jobs thanks to its fast print speeds, repeat printing capability, and automatic half or full tape cutter. The versatile PT-750W gives you several powering options as well. Use the included AC cable or 6 AA batteries (sold separately) to power the unit for use at a desk, or make it truly portable żeby running it on a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

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